Another Reason to Love Austin: Free Art Friday

Not only is Austin an amazing city with constant events and things to do, but there is also an overwhelmingly large art community. You can’t walk a block in this city without seeing a mural, street art, or a street post covered with artistic stickers. Each and every artist entering the city has a unique design or tag trying to stand out in the sea of street artists. And of this sea of street artists there is an abundance of love infiltrating the community.

If was a typical Friday afternoon at work, busy as usual and I had just finished up with a customer before my lunch break. Moments after clocking out Shane came up to me in the break room, “dude there’s this guy I follow on Instagram who is giving out a free piece of art to the first person to find it along with free ticket’s to the Keep Austin Weird Festival! He just posted a photo of where it is like 4 minutes ago. Let’s go!”

Without any hesitation we were on our way to the art. From the looks of the photo we knew exactly where it was: in front of Kung Fu Saloon on 5th and Rio Grande which was luckily only about 2 blocks from our work. I could only imagine how funny we looked, two guys wearing dress shoes and AT&T dress shirts running through the streets of Austin. Despite the awkward looks from strangers we were determined. Determined to get free art and tickets to a festival that we never even heard of. We finally arrived and it our luck it was still there!

I sprinted over to it and snatched the canvas. Tucked behind the frame was a voucher for two free passes to Keep Austin Weird Festival. And after closer inspection I learned that the festival wouldn’t be until June 27th. Which is perfect! My lease is up June 30th and I’ll be moving to a new city in July (location still undetermined). This festival will be a perfect last hurrah of my time in Austin.

We walked back to work super stoked about our new finds and thanked the artist over Instagram by sending a picture back his way.

So if you are reading this, thank you BlvdArt (@blvdart) and SprATX (@spratx) for the free art and tickets!!!

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