Casey Came to Visit

In the midst of being overjoyed with Mufasa living with us there was one more wonderful soul on his way to the Lone Star State. Casey Frazier is another one of our best friends who we also met freshman year. Unlike myself, Casey stuck with the same major throughout college, Computer Information Systems, and when we graduated he sold his soul to the corporate world. Now, a year after graduation, he works at some giant company making approximately one million dollars a week (I may have rounded up). Not only does he get a fat paycheck every other week but he also has the pleasure of working from home. So, basically all he needs is a laptop and a cell phone and he can do his job from anywhere in the world. This gave him more than enough reason to come down to Austin for about ten days to visit.

When his flight came into the Austin airport around midnight, Mufasa, Jet, and I decided to greet him in the most appropriate way possible: in suits.

We wore matching black blazers with red ties and waited for him at the bottom of the escalator with a sign that read Mr. Frazier.

Casey was ecstatic when we saw us waiting for him and could not stop laughing, “Only you guys would do something like this,” he said as we took turns exchanging hugs of joy.


The next morning we took Casey to the best taco place in Austin, Torchy’s. Knowing first-hand that when you grow up in the north and your only experience with tacos is from Taco Bell it’s a fact that northerners have no idea what tacos are supposed to taste like.  As expected Casey was pleased with the southern hospitality of Texas tacos.

Throughout Casey’s time in Texas and our conflicting work schedules we didn’t have as much time as I would of liked to spend with him but we still managed to make time for a few exciting adventures.


The Alamo – San Antonio

San Antonio is only about an hour and a half south of Austin and is pretty much the only piece of Texas history that sticks out in everyone’s mind. We were all excited to go since none of us had ever been before. We pulled up Google Maps, piled in Mufasa’s Honda Civic, and were on our way. “I thought the Alamo was in the desert; why is Google taking us into the middle of the city?” Casey asked in confusion.

I explained that I too thought the Alamo would be out in the middle of nowhere but after talking with a co-worker a day earlier I learned that apparently they built the city around the Alamo.

Along the drive we all realized that none of us had any idea of the historic significance behind the Alamo. After all, in Pennsylvania they don’t really focus too much on Texas history. But, we figured we would learn about it once we got there.

When we arrived and finally found a place to park we were nothing but disappointed. Not to sound pessimistic but the surrounding shops commercialized the hell out of the Alamo which completely destroyed the historic experience. Across the street there was a Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, an Indiana Jones movie theater, and countless gift shops to fill every nook and cranny of the overflowing commercialized street.

We wandered around the Alamo reading historic markers here and there but none of us were very interested in learning about historic aspect of the Alamo. Then we learned they charged $15 to get in for a guided tour of the inside. We made the unanimous decision that this definitely was not worth it and were on our way.

We wandered around for a bit and eventually found ourselves in another popular destination of San Antonio: the river walk.

A small river runs through the city and is lined with tons of restaurants and cafes. We walked along there for a little while, ate some frozen yogurt, and waited until we were all hungry for dinner.

Yelp led us to an amazing Mexican restaurant, Rosario’s, about a mile from center city. There was an eerie feeling walking to the restaurant. Before we knew it the city went from being packed with tourists and heavy traffic to pretty much a ghost town.

We eventually arrived to the restaurant and were not the least bit disappointed. Our knowledgeable server explained the popular menu items and within minutes we scarfed down our meal.

On the ride home we made a pact to never step foot in San Antonio again in order to save us all from the consistent disappointment of the city.

In the end, jamming to Taylor Swift with your bros always saves the day.


Krause Springs

Krause Springs is a large natural spring about 45 minutes outside the city of Austin. It has been owned by a family for many years and have opened it up to the public for a small entrance fee. The spring is complete with a rope swing, kiddie pool, cliff jumping, and even overnight camping areas.

We arrived early in the day around 10:30 a.m. and stayed pretty much the entire day. It was such a relaxing refreshing day to be hanging out with some of my best friends in the middle of nature. After a day of rope swinging and swimming this only added to the constant convincing of trying to get Casey to move down to Austin. After all, he works from home so there’s really no reason for him not to move down. So, if you are reading this, Casey, GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE!!!!

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