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New Job: AT&T Retail Sales

Shortly after my future billionaire best friend, Casey, left Austin after visiting for ten days it got me thinking: I should be making more money. After all, I do have a college degree. I know it would be pretty rare for me to find a job like Casey where I make a million dollars a day (again, […]

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Got A New Job

Not too long before South by Southwest (SXSW) I decided to quit my job at the jazz bar I was working at for a number of reasons. First of all, with the added on staff such as door men and hostesses, my pay dramatically decreased from making 70 to 100 dollars a night in tips […]

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Got Paid $100 to Stand in Line

South By  Southwest (SXSW) is a giant interactive, music, and film festival that takes place in Austin each year. It literally TAKES OVER the city. An extra 250,000 people flood the streets filling up every hotel, restaurant, and bar within the city limits. My first experience of this, despite only living her for a month, […]

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My New Job – Brass House

Friday Over the weekend I have been working as a bar-back for the Brass House which is a jazz bar in downtown Austin. In case you aren’t familiar with the duties of a bar-back, I pretty much do all the behind the scenes work to make the bar run more smoothly: wash glasses, empty trash, […]

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First Day of Training at the Brass House

I walked into my first day of training to find that the Tavern was pretty full. Apparently they are hiring much more people than I anticipated. After talking with a few people waiting around I quickly learned that this was actually the second day of training and that everyone there was either a bartender, a […]

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Today Was A Great Day

Today was a great day. I awoke a little before noon, showered, and headed out downtown to do some exploring of my new city. I met up with my neighbor, Danny, when I got off the bus. We walked around and checked out some random shops. As we were strolling the streets Danny received a […]

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