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My 24th Birthday/South by Southwest 2015

March 14th, also known as Pi Day, is the day of my birth. I share this marvelous birthday day with the great Albert Einstein, which would explain my extremely high intelligence level 😉 I started my birthday with a very unique experience, an hour float in a sensory deprivation tank followed by an hour massage. […]

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Sneaking into Eminem

It was Saturday night and ACL (Austin City Limits) was in full swing. People from all over the world flooded Austin for a giant music festival. 2 weekends, 8 stages, and 130 bands: that’s what makes up this music extravaganza. Out of all these bands and artists there was really only one person I mainly […]

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Casey Came to Visit

In the midst of being overjoyed with Mufasa living with us there was one more wonderful soul on his way to the Lone Star State. Casey Frazier is another one of our best friends who we also met freshman year. Unlike myself, Casey stuck with the same major throughout college, Computer Information Systems, and when […]

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Got a New Bike

I’ve lived in Austin for about four months now but it only takes about four hours to realize that this city has the worst public transportation system in America. The city is growing at a rapid pace and for some reason the local government has been slacking on beefing up the public transit here which, […]

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Got A New Job

Not too long before South by Southwest (SXSW) I decided to quit my job at the jazz bar I was working at for a number of reasons. First of all, with the added on staff such as door men and hostesses, my pay dramatically decreased from making 70 to 100 dollars a night in tips […]

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Why I Turned Down $300 for a $6 Jacket

Recently I celebrated by 23rd birthday on March 14th which was during the week of South By Southwest (SXSW). Birthdays have never really been that big of a deal to me. I have never really been the kind of person that wanted tons of gifts or anything like that. Just a simple party surrounded by […]

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