Celebrity For a Day

Gotye. The famous singer/songwriter from Belgium who is most well known for his widely popular song, Somebody that I used to know. Once the music video for this song went viral I was constantly bombarded by friends and even strangers coming up to me informing me that I looked exactly like him. Now, people have said I look like famous people in the past, Jim Morrison, Tyson Ritter (All American Rejects lead singer), Derek Sanders (Mayday Parade lead singer), hell I’ve even gotten the guy that plays the new spider man, Andrew Garfield. Enjoying the attention from all these people thinking I look rather famous, I never really saw the resemblance between any of them. But once I kept getting this Gotye reference literally on a weekly basis I had to see for myself. After watching the video, I had to admit we did look strikingly similar. Throughout the video Gotye’s body gradually gets painted with various colors of different shapes, a very artistic touch to his catchy tune.


Me and the artist.

Once fall hit and Halloween becoming closer in sight, I felt obligated to paint myself as him for my costume. I asked a friend of mine to do the painting, Jenae Van Dorne, who has outstanding artistic ability. Jenae suggested that we do a trial run day so she could judge how much paint to use and how long it would take. Lucky for us we had the perfect trial run day opportunity. Each fall in Clarion, PA, where we both attend college, there is a festival known as the Autumn Leaf Festival or ALF and each year thousands upon thousands of people come out for a week of festivities, one of the biggest events being arts and crafts day. Main Street is completely closed off and vendors of all kinds have booths set up selling their decorative art pieces. This was, without question, the perfect opportunity for our trial run considering I would literally be a walking piece of art.

The painting process took surprisingly quite a long time, just over two hours from start to finish. Once complete, it was time to hit the streets. Right from the get-go I was getting strange looks from everyone around. Some thought I was a freak while others were amazed. It was funny to notice the different reactions between friends and acquaintances. Friends that knew me well were not remotely surprised by my strange idea while my acquaintances were rather shocked to see what I have done to my skin.

Those around my age and younger than me knew exactly who I was impersonating while those reaching their old age, still thinking I looked pretty neat, thought I was a stained glass window. I couldn’t make is a dozen paces without someone stopping me for a photograph or to ask what I was supposed to be or how long it took to paint. One younger boy came running up to me yelling, “Gotye! Gotye!” I turned around to see his face lit up in amazement.

“Are you really him? Are you that guy that sings in that band?” He said in aw, thinking he had just met a celebrity.

I reluctantly told him that I was merely just impersonating him and then posed for a photograph with him and carried on my way.

It felt good to walk around and notice the smiles on peoples faces as I passed by them and to live up to the role of “that guy on campus that looks like Gotye.”

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