Day 2 – Camino de Santiago


Sleep. Probably one of the most important things your body needs. Especially while traveling and especially when walking 20 to 30 kilometers. That being said, when you are sleeping in a hostel with over 100 people you are bound to have at least a few people that snore and ruin the sleep patterns for everyone else. Nobody likes those people.

Last night I went to bed, completely exhausted, on the top bunk across from an older asian man also on the top bunk. Lights went out around ten and before long that old guy started snoring. Like always, I have headphones in and listen to Explosions in the Sky (great band, you should check them out) to relax my mind to help me fall asleep. The music drowned out the snoring and I switch from headphones to ear plugs and soon I was asleep.

But then, around 3 a.m. his snoring got MUCH louder and sounded like he was scream snoring, if thats a thing, and it woke me up and others around me. I tossed and turned for about a half hour trying to focus on something else but no such luck. Before long, I was fed up. Screw this guy, I thought, it’s not right that he is depriving everyne else of sleep, we all have to walk alot tomorrow.

I then had a genius idea. I grabbed my water bottle that was in bed wth me and poured some water on my hand. I then turned and splashed him with it. I’m assuming some hit his face because I could hear the droplets hit his sleeping bag. This stopped his snoring for about 30 seconds. So, I put more water on my hand and splashed him again. This time I heard him moved. Good, he’s awake now. Now maybe I can fall asleep.

You Will Meet the Most Amazing People on the Camino

I started my day walking with Josh again. Him and I have gotten to know each other pretty well over the past day. Once you walk for about 8 hours with someone you learn a thing or two about them. And since we are both from the United States there is no language barrier to overcome which is always refreshing when traveling in a foreign country.

About halfway through the day we met a girl from Germany that is about the same age as us, which, surprisingly, is pretty rare for the Camino. The majority of people are in their 50s or older. Lisa is from a small town in Germany and is walking the path for religious purposes. Short brown hair and a petite figure holding the biggest heart of gold with a huge smile that is always worn on her face. She is probably one of the sweetest persons I have ever met. We walked with her for the rest of the day as well as another fellow that we met a few kilometers later.

Santiago (yes, his name is Santiago and we are walking to Santiago. We all had a good laugh over this), from Argentina, walking the path for self enlightenment. A tall man about the same age as I with also a heart of gold. He had long flowing brown hair much like mine but it was tied back in man bun. He fit along perfectly in our newly forming group. He had much more energy than the rest of us and is always ready to get up and go but his free spirit personality made it clear that this would be someone that we would all get along with quite well.

We spent the entire day getting to know one another and had the utmost perfect lunch picnic I have even encountered.

Just a few meters off the path in the pasture of a nearby farm we dropped our heavy packs and opened out bags of food. One the Camino we share everything. Some had fruit, some bread, some chocolate. Everything was shared, especially laughter and good conversation. We laughed and talked for a about an hour as we gazed out at the beautiful scenery of the Spainish farm land.

Eventualy we made it to the next town, showered, went grocery shoppping and had a picnic by the river in town.


I can already tell that picnics will be one of my favorite things about the Camino. First of all it’s really cheap and usually comes out to only 4 to 6 Euros a person for a full meal. Secondly, and most importantly, there’s a great feeling to be had when you are creating your own food with friends rather than sitting at a table and being served.

It’s a much more intimate experience. Sandwiches made with fresh bread, meat, and cheese, and a couple bottles of wine to go along with it always makes for a perfect meal and a perfect end to the day.

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