Day 3 – Camino de Santiago

We started the next morning’s walk in silence. Each of us slowly branched off from the group until we were all walking alone. It happened quite naturally and was quite nice.

It gave for moments of self reflection and was a calm awakening to the morning.


Soon we all connected again and then dispursed. This happend periodically throughout the morning until we all came to a final resting place for lunch and, or course, once again, had another picnic which primairly consisted of leftovers from the night before.

After lunch, Josh and I spent the rest of the afternoon together and came across one of the most beautiful sceneries I have ever encountered.
I have never seen so much yellow before. Everything was so beautiful I’m not even sure what words to use to describe it.



We made our way down from the high hills to the valley where the next town rests. We knew we were getting close and our bodies were feeling it. We were stil trying to adjust to the weight of our packs and constant walking each day. We were looking for a town called Pamplona. When we reached civilization we began asking the locals if we were there yet and in broken English we finally learned that the next town is Pamplona, we were in a small town before it that I cannot remember the name of.

Logically, we were thinking we would have to walk through that town, walk through a grassy area in the moddle of nowhere, and then hit the next town being Pamplona. However, what we weren’t aware of is that this small town would bleed right into Pamplona.


Without us realizing it we walked right into Pamplona and consequently looked like idiots when we asked a local, with our map in hand, “how do we get here?” Pointing to Pamplona on the map.

It was an older lady with gre hair, glasses, and too much make up. She laughed, pointed at the ground, and said, “Pamplona! Pamplona!”

So apparently we were already here. We were just lost. From this experience I learned two things: 1. I wish I would of taken more Spanish classes in highschool and college. If I could tell my highschool self one thing then it would be to become fluent in Spanish. So if you are a highschool or college student reading this blog then please take my advice and become fluent in another language. It will do you more good than you will ever know. 2. If you are going to ask someone for directions in another country and you don’t speak their language then try your hardest to ask a young person. By now, everyone under the age of 30 speaks fluent English because it is universally being taught in schools at such a young age.

Soon we learned that we overshot the hostel by a few kilometers and had to backtrack. Lucky for us there were still beds available at the massive hostel for pilgrims. It was an old church converted into a hostel holding about 130 beds on two levels. It was still very clean and cozy but my only complait is that once night fell it turned into a symphony of snoring. Everything was open so it would echo throughout the church. If I hadn’t been so exhausted I don’t think I ever would of been able to fall asleep.


But, alas I did and was ready to conqure another day.

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