My First Couch Surf

What is Couch Surfing? is a website dedicated to connecting travelers and free spirits alike. Users easily create a profile, upload some photos and give a description about them. Next, they will state if they have a couch available for use and for how many nights and how many people they are willing to host. The rest is simple, say you’re going to LA for a weekend, simply make a post saying which nights you will need hosted for and let surfers contact you, or search for surfers in that area and contact them requesting that you surf on their couch.
My Experience
After driving for felt like forever in a go-kart of a car, Honda Civic, we finally arrived in Chicago, IL. We met up with our host, Tracy, outside her friend’s house around midnight and from there she rode with us to her apartment a few miles away. We arrived in a quiet part of town, far enough away from the constant hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago’s busy streets. Tracy lived above a local hot dog shop in a cute one bedroom apartment. We stepped into the living room to find everything we need already laid out. Blankets, pillows, an inflatable bed, and even towels for a morning shower. Tracy was a better host than most hotels I’ve stayed at. Unfortunately, due to getting in so late we didn’t get to know Tracy too much, but we could tell from the start she was a great person.
We crashed shortly after walking in, Meg on the couch, and I on the inflatable bed. As I lay on my cloud of air I let my mind wander until the dustman came to put me to sleep. I began to think about the whole idea of Couch Surfing. It’s amazing really, this lady is completely giving her home to us and I don’t even know her last name. Not to mention from her perspective, she had work early the next morning but left us a set of keys so we could come and go as we please. For all she knows we could be criminals. But that’s the thing about this world; good people bring out the good in others. And when you put your trust in others they will return their trust in you.

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