Germans are Crazy and They Throw GIANT Bon Fires to Celebrate Easter

It must have slipped my mind when I was “planning” this trip that I would be on the road during Easter but things worked out perfectly because it gave me the opportunity to experience one of the craziest Easters I ever would have thought.

But first, I would like to just take a moment to express how amazing Couch Surfing is because, once again, I had the  amazing host in the world!

I took a bus then a ferry and then a train to get from Copenhagen to Hamburg, Germany. It was quite the adventure and by the end of it I had my amazing host waiting for me at central station. I was greeted by my host, Mareike, with a warm welcoming home to her city and then followed her back to her car.

We stopped at the grocery store so she could pick up a few things before the Easter holiday and then headed back to her place.

I was completely blown away by how nice everything was. Since her roommate was studying abroad for a semester she offered me her room to stay in. So not only did I have my own room but I also had a bed. And oh my freaking God was it the most incredible bed I’ve ever slept in. I know it sounds cliché but it really did feel like I was sleeping on a cloud. And the comforter was so soft and fluffy it was like being covered by another cloud! (Not to mention the adorable bunny printed on the sheet.)

After dropping my things off and relaxing for a bit we set out to a bon fire. Mareike explained that it is tradition for each town in Hamburg to get together the night before Easter and throw a bon fire put on by the local fire department.

Now I’ve been to a bon fire or two in my day. Especially, growing up in the country it was a fairly common offurance throughout the summers. But, HOLY F&*%#@! S%$#, I have never been to bon fire like how the Germans throw a bon fire. Mareike warned me it would be big and the fire mainly consists of everyone’s dead Christmas trees so I assumed it would be pretty big. But this seriously looked like someone’s house just burnt down and the town decided to throw a party around it.

They even had a stage set up with a DJ and concessions for food and drinks.

I think America needs to take a page out of Germany’s book and start celebrating Easter this way.


Easter Breakfast

Since I was sleeping on a cloud it made it next to impossible to get out of bed. I did that thing where you turn off your alarm thinking you’ll just sleep for 5 more minutes but then two hours pass. Yeah…I didn’t get up til like 11. But, when I did, my AMAZING host, Mareike, had a giant breakfast perfectly prepared. Fruit, breakfast rolls, hard boiled eggs, jam, oh and freshly squeezed orange juice that she made that morning. I was completely blown away by her generosity and the deliciousness of the meal.

After breakfast we headed into the city to do some exploring. We took a long walk around the harbor which is the main attraction in Hamburg and then headed over to a church near the center of the city to get an overview of downtown. I climbed 432 steps to take these pictures so y’all betta enjoy them!

The unfortunate part about me being in Hamburg during Easter is that everything was closed. Nonetheless, I think my favorite part about being in Germany (besides the giant fire) is the language. It’s so rough and complex and I never have any idea what anyone is saying. For some reason, I love it. There’s a strange comfort in not knowing what anyone is saying and not being able to read any street signs. It forces you to be in the mentality of I have no idea where I am or where I’m going but I’m sure everything will work out. And so far everything has.

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  1. Mrs. wagner April 6, 2015 at 10:10 pm #

    So excited for you!

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