Hostel Living is Some of the Best Living – Camino de Santiago

The kitchen was packed with just about every nationality you could think of. Not a really a big kitchen but still plenty of stove top and ovens for everyone to cook what they needed. Raluel, a Spanish man from our newly forming group, offered to make lentil soup with potatos, carrots, and garlic.

Meanwhile, a group of Italians, stereotypically screaming at each other, were making a giant pot of spagetti with sauce and right next to them there were some koreans making some sort of chicken dinner. Everyone was trying to talk over one another and no one was speaking the same language.

Santiago, Josh, Lisa, and myself made friends with a couple girls from Latvia and began conversing over cheese and wine while we waited for dinner to be finished.


Before long the stew came out and it was probably one of the best meals I’ve had this entire trip. You know that feeling when you’re really full but you dont want to stop eating? Once I hit the point that I thought I couldn’t eat anymore I ended up eating two more dishes.


By this point, everyone was eating and everyone was yelling. There were only maybe 50 people in the room but it sounded like 500. I heard cheering and clapping from beside me and when I glanced over I saw the long table of Italians excited for one of them who was bringing out a 5 gallon pot nearly full of pasta. There was more than enough wine to go around and everyone was having a delightful time.


That night I learned you only need two things to bring the world together: food and wine.

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