Ich bin ein Berliner

Some travel by bus, some by train, and some by plane. This time, I chose to travel by Bla Bla Car. It’s kind of a funny name but it’s a great idea. It’s basically Uber meets Couch Surfing. How it works is people who are driving a long distance, for example, from Hamburg, Germany to Berlin (about 180 miles) will make a post on the website offering seats in their car in exchange for a price at their choosing.

I ended up finding a nice girl driving home from with her mom the day after Easter for only 15 euros a seat. It was a bit cheaper than a train plus I got to ride in a Mercedes 😉

It was an amazing way to travel to say the least. Good conversation, plus due to busy traffic on the highway we ended up taking the back roads which displayed beautiful German scenery.

They dropped me off near the center of the city and I did my best to figure out the train system to make my way to the home of my next host.

After taking one train too far, then back again, and talking to people who only spoke a few words of English I finally made it to my destination.

This time I was hosted by a couple, Hannah and Chris. Hannah is from Berlin and Chris is from Australia. They met a few years ago in Canada and have been together ever since. A truly amazing couple that have just a big of a passion for adventure that I do. We spent the evening conversing and planning our trip for the next day. Berlin has so much history to it I felt overwhelmed by the amount of things to see. I feel like you would probably have to live here for a few months or a year to truly experience everything the city has to offer.

The next day I awoke to a wonderfully prepared breakfast to jumpstart our day. I was fortunate enough that they had a spare bike for me to use and I cannot tell you how great it felt to be back on a bike. I really miss using a bicycle as my main form of transportation and I know that within the next couple years I will definitely be making a cycling tour across Europe.

Biking around I couldn’t help but notice this city had so much of an Austin feel to it. Throughout the city it had so many spots just to relax and play some music or converse with one another. Not to mention the abundance of historic monuments and buildings throughout the city. Hannah explained that during World War II it was Hitler’s plan to make Berlin the capital of the world. And after only being in the city for a day I understood why. This city had a little bit of everything: the cool mellow vibes of Austin but the fast paced hustle and bustle like New York City. Then, to make it even better, everyone is on bikes, you can drink in public, and it’s in Europe so you are completely surrounded by tons of other amazing cultures. The only drawback that I could find in this city is the fact that it’s cold for the majority of the year. However, I must say, I wouldn’t mind living here for a few months.

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