Met a Medal of Honor Recipient and Got to see a Familiar Face

Meeting a Medal of Honor Recipient

The Medal of Honor is the highest award anyone in the armed services can receive. In fact, it is so prestigious that only the president can hand them out. To receive such an award one must go far beyond the call of duty and due it’s rarity of recipients, many who receive the award were killed on the line of duty. In the United States history only 3,471 people have received the Medal of Honor and only 75 of them are still alive today.

One of which was in the Brass House tonight. The owners of the Brass House helped raise a large amount of money to help put a piece of military artifacts in a museum in Austin. The war veteran would be presenting the piece that weekend which is why he came to the bar tonight as a way of showing his thank you.

Brass House has about 50 employees, 35 of which are military veterans so having a Medal of Honor recipient in the house was a very big deal.

The Medal of Honor recipient, who I can’t remember the name of for the life of me, served in the Vietnam War and by the time he was my age he had already done three tours of duty. This only added to the intimidation I felt from meeting this war hero towering over me. I shook his hand and thanked him for his service and as I did I thought about all these things these hands had done: the machine guns they carried, the grenades they threw, and they pain they endured throughout the years of war. I was now shaking this large strong hand that could crush me with just one squeeze.

Along with meeting such an important person, tonight was also a special night for me as well. I got to work on the other side of the bar, the country side. Brass House currently is broken up into two sections: a jazz bar side and a tavern side that typically plays country or rock music. Tonight’s band was a nice change of pace. They played country, but none of this new annoying country on the radio today, they played old stuff from the 50’s and 60’s back when country music was good. Also, tonight I started my bar tending training. I was able to pour drinks and was introduced to the computer system to process transactions. This was so much more fun than constantly leaning over a steaming dishwasher loading and unloading glasses. I wasn’t able to make to many of the specialty drinks so I mainly just stuck with simple stuff like pouring draft beer and rum and cokes.

Typically the tavern only stays open until midnight but tonight they stayed open til 2 a.m.  The owners of the bar were happy getting drunk with a fellow military war hero which made for such a fun environment. It felt like I was at a house party…only I wasn’t allowed to drink.


A Familiar Face

A close friend of mine from college, Lexie, recently moved to Dallas which is only about two hours away from Austin. Lexie recently got and internship with Southwest Airlines which means on the weekend she can fly anywhere for free. This past weekend she decided to take a trip down to see me and brought along a fellow intern, Rebecca.

Unfortunately, the night that she got here I still had to work so I showed them a little bit of downtown and then set them on their way to go bar hopping while I worked. But the next day I had completely free and it was beautiful and sunny with a high of 85 degrees.

Since it was so hot I decided to take them to Barton Springs. We hiked for about a mile or so until we happened upon a peaceful place to take a dip. As we laid in the water we joked about how amazing it was to be able to go swimming in the middle of February and that if we were still back at school we would have to be bundled up with about thirty layers.

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Shortly after swimming Lexie and Rebecca had to leave to catch a flight back to Dallas but within the short time they were there they said that they had already fallen in love with Austin and would surely be back again.


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