New Roommate And I Couldn’t Be Happier

One of my closest friends from college, Ryan Schmidt aka “Mufasa” recently made the move down to Austin, TX from Clark, Pennsylvania for pretty much the same reason everyone moves to Austin: no reason at all.

Mufasa was working a shitty dead end job as a customer service representative for AT&T. The pay was alright and he managed to make enough to get by but there wasn’t any fulfillment in helping impatient annoying customers fix their cell phone issues. Like everyone out of college, Mufasa was faced with mountains of debt from student loans and not the slightest idea of how he was going to use his degree he worked so hard to achieve.

One day Mufasa’s mother, noticing her son’s disatitifaction with his life, mentioned “why don’y you just move down to Texas with Daniel and Jet while you try to figure everything out.” She was unsure of just how quickly he would jump on this idea. After all there was really no commitment keeping him in Pennsylvania.

That’s when I received a phone call. “Hey man, what’s your living situation down there in Austin?” I instantly had a feeling as to¬†where this conversation was headed. I explained that I share a room with Jet but we have a couch that pulls out into a bed and that it is always available for people to crash on.

Mufasa explained that he was looking for a new place to live because there was really nothing going on for him in Pennsylvania. I was overjoyed in welcoming him to come live with us in Austin.

Within a couple weeks Mufasa had his car packed and was heading South. He had about 1,500 miles ahead of him and surprisingly zoomed through it pretty fast. The first day he drove for almost 20 hours and managed to make it to just over the boarder of Texas. He passed out in a McDonald’s parking lot in some random small town off the highway and then knocked out the remaining 5 hours of driving the next day.

We left the door unlocked so he could let himself in and Jet and I were happily awoken at 9 a.m. by Ryan’s smiling face.

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