Quit Your Job, Chase Your Dreams

Adventure. That is my word of the year.

Three months ago my roommate, Erica, asked me what is your word for 2015? “Don’t think about it, what’s the first word that pops into your head.”

“Adventure.” I blurted out without any thought or hesitation.


Fast-forward a few months to right around mid to late February. My job was starting to get to me and I found myself not enjoying going to work as much as I used to. Even Erica noticed my spirit growing weary.

I knew my life had to change. But how? That was the tricky part. I decided to take a night to myself and go to my favorite coffee shop, Bennu Coffee near University of Texas campus, and try to figure out my life. I began breaking down my life question by question.

Do you like your job? No.

Okay. Then I guess I should quit. But what’s next?

What do you love? Well that’s easy, I love to travel. Travel is my life.

Well then you should travel. But where to?

First I thought I should go to somewhere in Central America to help keep my costs low. More specially, I should go to Panama and backpack my way back to Texas.

Then I thought, “wait, I’m a cyclist. I should just bike to Panama and then flay back to Texas.”

After a few days of toying with this idea and talking to a few Mexican friends I have they all pretty much came back with the same answer. “Be careful!” Many parts of Mexico and Central America are unsafe to travel through especially for someone who has never traveled alone before.

After a few days of my head in a cloud I came to ask myself one clear question that I have asked myself and asked others for years, “if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?” Almost always my answer would be Europe. But this time when I asked myself things were different. Things were very real because this time I was actually able to go. I had enough money saved, I wanted to quit my job anyways, I don’t have a lease or anything holding me back. I could literally go anywhere I wanted without any restrictions.

I had heard about the Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile pilgrimage that goes through Spain, and had always thought it would be my first passageway into a life of travel. After doing a bit more research I decided it would be a perfect fit for me.

The cheapest flight I found was from New York City to Copenhagen, Denmark, only 280 bucks!

I bought it and began planning my journey to Europe. I will start in Copenhagen and backpack my way down to Spain where I will begin my 500 mile journey.

Now that the ticket was bought it began to make everything more real. Soon I would be on my one way ticket to discover new land, make new friends, and experience the unknown.

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