Road to the Camino

In a way it feels like this Eurotrip is coming to an end but really it is only just beginning. This entire time I have been slowly making my way to the North of Spain to a small remote town just over the border in France called Saint Jean Pied de Port, which is where the Camino de Santiago begins.

I got a BlaBlaCar from Barcelona to Pamplona, Spain which is a small town about two hours away from Saint Jean. It was an older man driving this time and one other girl as a passenger. Both of them hardly spoke a word of English so our conversations were very limited to say the least.

I got dropped off at the train station at around 5:30 p.m. in hopes that I would catch the 6 o’clock train to Saint Jean. Walking in I hoped the man being the ticket counter spoke English.

“Hola, do you speak English?” I asked hesitantly.

“No, no ingles,” he replied sternly.

“Uhh, I need to go to Saint Jean Pied de Port.” And showed him my phone with the city name written down in case he couldn’t understand my American accent.

“No! Take bus from city center!” He pointed outside. “Nueve!” he yelled through the glass and held up nine fingers.

“Okay. Gracias.” Not really sure what the hell he means by bus 9 but okay. I thought to myself. And just as I was thinking that I stepped outside to see bus 9 sitting at the bus stop with people getting on. The man in front of me also had a large backpack on and a seashell strapped to the back. A seashell is a symbol of a pilgrim walking the Camino so at that moment I knew if I followed him then it should lead me to where I need to go.

We both exited the bus in city center and he told me he was starting his walk at a different point but the people inside the bus station should know where to go.

I went up to the counter at the bus station and pretty much the same thing happened. Not a word of English. I told the lady where I needed to go and she kindly ripped off a piece of receipt paper and write some numbers down on it, “14:30” and “17:30.”

“Okay. And it leaves from here?” I asked pointing my finger on the counter.

“Si,” she replied with a smile.

I then walked off, found a hostel nearby, and spent the entire evening and most of the morning catching up on my blogging.

I made it to Saint Jean Pied de Port and just received my sea shell and Camino passport. I will go to sleep soon and tomorrow I shall walk.

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