This Past Week: Obtaining Dual Citizenship As Well As Some Very Exciting News

I would like to start out this post by saying how much I love Austin and how happy I am that I moved here. I went for a run around Lady Bird Lake the other day, because it was about 75 out and sunny, and it was just an amazing feeling to be able to run in February and not be bundled up in countless layers. Everyone in the city is very down to earth and it seems like everyone is happy all the time, probably because almost every day is sunny and beautiful. I definitely think I am here to stay for quite some time, which, for me, a long time is about a year.

Over the past few days I haven’t been doing much to be honest. Lots of writing and lots of research. You may have noticed in a previous post that I mentioned I wanted to start learning Italian. Well in addition to my Italian lessons I have been doing a little research and by a little I mean it’s almost been a full time job. Since my grandfather came over from Italy I have recently learned that I have the capability of obtaining dual citizenship. I’ve been corresponding with one of Jet’s friends who I met the last time I was in Austin, Katie, who went through the entire year long process of obtaining dual citizenship and is now an expert on the subject.

In order to be eligible for dual citizenship my grandfather must have ONLY been an Italian citizen during my father’s birth. That being said I learned that I made the cut only by a matter of less than a month. My father was born in late December of 1955 and my grandfather did not gain his American citizenship until January of 1956 which means my grandfather’s Italian citizenship was transferred through my father and could, therefore, be transferred to me. The only issue was that my father needs to become an Italian citizen as well which isn’t too big of a deal because we can apply for dual citizenship together.

So over the past couple days consisted of constant phone calls between my grandma and other relatives tracking down certain documents and pretty much rebuilding my entire family tree I finally had just about everything I needed to go forth with the process.

In order to complete this process I have to gather my grandparent’s birth certificate (my grandpa’s death certificate), U.S. citizenship certificate, marriage license, birth certificates of my parents and their marriage license, and lastly my birth certificate.

Then, once I have all those documents compiled it all has to be sent to an Apostille who translates everything into Italian which then further gets sent to an Italian Consulate, who I eventually have to have a meeting with.

Through further research of talking with other family members I learned that government employees are not allowed to have dual citizenship. That being said, I may be running into some issues since my father is a government employee. So this portion of the story will have to be continued until I find out if my dad technically does work for the federal government which, if he does, I will have to wait a few more years until he retires before I can obtain dual citizenship.


Received Very Exciting News Today

Several months ago I was going through the nerve-racking process of deciding where I should live as well as trying to find a job in numerous cities.

I sat on an overstuffed couch in a dimly lit garden apartment in Chicago. The girl I was dating at the time was off at work and I was left trying to figure out my life. Some calm indie music was playing through the TV that her roommate’s computer was hooked up to and I had about 50 tabs open on my laptop browser with half completed job applications. I was applying to jobs in Chicago, Austin, Boston, and New York City and wasn’t having much luck at all in the obtaining interviews. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: job hunting is a bitch.

I got sick of applying for dumb retail jobs and entry level business jobs in cities all over the country that I finally decided to say screw it and apply to be a flight attendant at just about every airline in the country as well apply to work on a cruise line as a server. This way I could work but still continue traveling at the same time. I’ve applied for these positions in the past but they are usually very hard to come by. Employers for these industries are usually looking for quite a bit of experience so even when I was applying I didn’t have my expectations set too high that I would receive a call back.

One of these companies that I was applying for was for a flight attendant position. The application process was pretty basic: cover letter, resume, and several boxes to fill out about my previous employment and what not.

Time passed and weeks turned into months; it wasn’t until the beginning of December that I heard back from them. I received an e mail congratulating me on making it to the next step of the interview process and that my next step was to complete a video interview. When I initially read that it would be a video interview I was under the assumption that it would be something along the lines of a Skype interview with a hiring manager. However, after further research I learned that I would just be listening to my computer reading me questions and my webcam would record all of my answers. The reason that they do this is because they receive such a high volume of applicants this helps weed out those who they don’t feel are as qualified.

I felt a little silly getting dressed up in a suit for an interview that would be conducted in my lap and I felt even sillier once the interview started. It’s very awkward giving your answers to a computer screen displaying nothing but a question at the top and your face recording what you are saying below. So, in a way, it felt like I was video chatting with myself. I was given up to four minutes to answer each one of the questions but given the context of the questions I answered each one in 30 seconds to 1 minute. I felt I wasn’t being thorough enough with my responses since I was given such a long time allowance and felt caught between trying to give a complete answer without sounding like I was rambling.

After the interview I still didn’t hear anything again for about another month when I received an e mail requesting me to update some of my information on my profile on their website which consisted of confirming that I was a U.S. citizen with capability of working in the United States as well as confirming I had a valid passport.

Another month went by and this job pretty much fell to the back of my mind with everything else going on in my life of traveling to Texas and trying to find a job down there.

Then, today I received a phone call informing me that I had made to the next round of the interview process where I would be flown to Dallas for a live interview. I informed the HR personnel that I was no longer living in Pennsylvania and that since I am currently in Austin it would only be a short bus ride for me to get to Dallas. But she insisted I get flown and also receive a free shuttle at the airport to take me to the interview.

My interview isn’t until March 5th which means from the time I first applied til the day of my interview the entire process will have taken nearly 5 months! Looking back to when I first applied I never would have thought I would make it this far in the interview process to actually be flown to an interview. I feel like I am some kind of important corporate business professional or something.


To complete this wonderful day I met up my friend Christine to go for a bike ride around Austin. I used Jet’s bike since I don’t have one yet. And if you are reading this wondering why I’m not using my bike from the Bike & Build the reason is I am too afraid of it getting stolen and, also, I move around way too much to continuously ship a bicycle to my new home.

Christine and I biked to a popular swim spot called Barton Springs. Barton Springs is a giant natural spring just south of the city where the water temperature is 68 degrees every day of the year. Today the air temperature was about 80 so after biking all day it felt great to jump into the ice cold water.

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